Blogging – Full Meals and Spanish Tapas

One thought on “Blogging – Full Meals and Spanish Tapas”

  1. Luis,
    the connection between types of meal and our communications is great. And I can certainly relate with your hiatus of sorts and the challenges work travel can bring to regular communications.

    I too took a deliberate break from my “non-real-time” exchanges during my summer holidays, deciding to focus on real life exchanges. I have had many questions put to me asking “where are you?” or “are you ok?” which I really appreciate but kept true. Now after about 8 weeks I have begun reentering the SoMe world which I really love and have many great friends I have made.

    Finding the balance is the trick or the question here. Your breakdown into a full meal versus a tapas is a great way to describe it and perhaps a way to focus my own activities. It doesn’t always have to be “full hog”, when an appetiser may be just fine.

    Enjoy the travels. Keep blogging but as my mother keeps telling me, “don’t forget to smell the roses”.


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