Becoming a Jedi Master – The Secret Art of Cultivating Online Communities #sbf12 #cmgr

6 thoughts on “Becoming a Jedi Master – The Secret Art of Cultivating Online Communities #sbf12 #cmgr”

  1. Thanks Luis for a very informative blog (never disappointing!) and although you would need to set aside a day to follow all your links and read/watch all that material before getting to the end – it is great to have it all referenced in one place 🙂

    However I must say – that if you are short of time – the must read is the Social Business Manifesto by Rosario Sica, Emanuele Quintarelli -fantastic! But thank you too Luis for your slide show which I greatly enjoyed!

    1. Hi Marie-Louise, thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the feedback! Yes, I know *exactly* what you mean and I’d be on the same boat! In fact, what I am doing with these posts where I have got a tendency to share plenty of links is to help serve me re-find them later on easily so that I can digest them when I can and properly. So, for instance, every Friday we have got something called Think! Friday where we spend time off real “work” doing lots of thinking, self education, self enablement, etc. etc. and that’s the time where I look back into these blog posts to pick up a link or two to dive into, or watch videos as a learning activity and it makes things a lot easier if I know where to find me. It’s what Harold Jarche and Bill Ives have been identifying for blogging as your own personal knowledge sharing / management system.

      With a bit of an exception though, sharing it along openly to other folks who may benefit along the way, and definitely the Social Business Manifesto is just spot on as a highly recommended source to dive into eventually! 🙂

      Thanks again for the lovely commentary. Much appreciated!

  2. Luis, thanks for this post and for giving me another reason not to miss the Social Business Forum next year. Have heard good things about it, but never could make it. Must go there next year!

    1. Hi Samuel! Thanks for dropping by and for noticing! Yes, indeed, I am afraid so! You have missed one of the best, if not the best so far!, events on Social Business out there for 2012! Absolutely stunning and rather privileged, once again, to be able to add my ¢2 of insights, experiences and know-how on a topic I have been rather passionate about over the course of the last 15 years and counting! We missed ya dearly, specially, all of that phenomenal blogging you have been doing all along at live events!

      You need to ensure next year you will be there, please!! 😀 hehe Looking forward to seeing you again!

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