Addressing Social Networking Gripes with Shared Value

3 thoughts on “Addressing Social Networking Gripes with Shared Value”

  1. Great post, Luis. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any hope.
    If “doing a bit of virtual hygiene” would solve the problem, it would have also solved the *cough* email *cough* problem. And as a matter of fact, that is what they also teach you in the various “Mastering the *cough* email *cough* demon” training sessions.
    Unfortunately, it is not a tool problem. It is a human problem. And while tools can be improved…
    At least, not at my age.

    1. Hi Marc, great feedback! Thanks much for dropping by and for sharing it along! I think you are on to something with those thoughts validating what some of us have been saying all along: not much of a technology problem, but a people problem. Actually, a people’s habits problem. That’s just something that we have been trying to tame with corporate email all along, but that we keep failing for. No matter how hard we try in helping people make smarter use of email we keep failing, because we have got plenty of bad habits we just can’t get rid of!! Yes, no matter what!

      That’s where things may be different for social technologies, because they still haven’t got that flavour of being seen as biz critical by the biz like email is, so we, end-users, can still influence that user experience with virtual hygiene, looking after our networks, pushing the limits on the social technologies themselves, but, above all, showing and educating people how they can make smarter use of the social tools right from the beginning, when bad habits haven’t become a norm, like with email. At that time it’d be too late. That’s why I still feel confident we would be able to revert things back and make much smarter use of those social tools. And in our lifetime, Marc ;-)) hehe

  2. Hey Luis. Great post. Two things.
    1. Are you a football fan? Im a Liverpool fan and there’s an AMAZING soccer player with the exact same name as you. Hahaa.
    2. I just stumbled upon your blog as I was researching on some stuff, and I have to say I was impressed. I appreciate the intelligence and amount of thought put into your posts. Well at least the rest I’ve read so far.

    I’m trying to work on something meaningful too. Would love to pick your mind for ideas too if you would. Couldn’t find your email, but you have mine. So let me know if you’re interested. Thanks mate.

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