The Essence of Connected Learning

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  1. In my application essay to the online/distance learning program at the University of London, I cited the need to “stay relevant in the 21st century” as one factor for wanting to go back to school. Staying relevant in the information age means that (for a start) I can now begin to hold informed and stimulating conversations with my college-age, liberal-arts educated kids. And this is just at the dinner table.

    Without the new learning options available, and the ability to produce and contribute to the larger conversation, people like me would be excluded, irrelevant, and ultimately, voiceless.

    1. Hi Miranda, and yet look at how powerful you surely can be by engaging in those conversations! That’s what’s so fascinating and empowering about these social technologies in how they help us shape how we do learning in context of what we are doing, when we are doing it. It’s rather interesting how liberating and engaging it feels how we have taken upon us making that learning experience as close to our needs as we possibly without other folks, who wouldn’t want us to do, intervening in the whole process. As far as I know that’s what’s so fascinating about the whole topic behind connected learning, informal learning and social learning, but for the very first time the ones who need to be “in control”, eventually, are 😀

      Welcome to the conversations!

  2. Luis, we (Clark, Harold, Charles, Jane, Paul, and I) definitely want to join you to further the conversation about learning.

    I was going to email you an invitation to mind-meld with the Internet Time Alliance. Then I realized your role as chief cheerleader in the anti-email wars and thought a comment would work better. After all, there’s nothing to hide here.

    Let’s take this up on Skype. We’re noodling away on integrating learning into social business, the shift to pull, personal knowledge management and meta skills, leveraging experience… you know, the whole nine yards of reincarnating learning as a sound business practice. The more we work with one another, the better our odds of moving the mountain.


    1. Hi Jay! Thanks much for dropping by, for the feedback and for noticing! Boy, I am in!! I have been mulling about it for a good few years now and have been exposed to it in multiple corporate environments, both my own company, and those of customers I keep working with and it’s certainly a hot topic enough to generate that new generation of how learning happens at work, while we work. Yes, indeed, the whole nine yards! And funny enough my schedule for next week is rather flexible, for a change, so happy to hook over over Skype and discuss plenty more about it! Let me know with a message on Skype, or over here, when it would be a good date / time and appreciated you respecting my #lawwe mantra.

      Way too cool! 😀

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