Social Networking and Going Back to Basics

5 thoughts on “Social Networking and Going Back to Basics”

  1. Luis,
    I agree with some of your points. Vast wasteland or not. Consider just the race to connect with everyone, the more I have the “better”? I felt this way early on with LinkedIn, as it seemed just a race.
    It is time for social media to end, it really is just another digital media, or as Daniel Backhaus is calling it, let’s return to the Internet. Just racing to the newest game on the block? No, that can’t be the point of this. I agree, we need to take control of this. We are the 99%.

  2. In this time of virtualization I would say the more the social media become a wasteland determined by governments and corporate companies, the more people will be driven towards new ‘secret’ virtual networks. Within these virtual networks you either need to bring something of value, be invited or be the initiator.

    TOR and VPN technology already support this virtual layer on top of the web.

    It reminds me of the early days of the internet, back in 1994 when I started browsing the internet. Anarchy and being anonymous went hand in hand. Unfortunately these ‘secret’ networks are already being used for drug-abuse and child-abuse.

    In the mean time on the public web: not sharing or very selective sharing will become more precious than sharing everything.

  3. Recently on Twitter I asked a somewhat-rhetorical question .. “Is Twitter the Web’s red-light district for independent consultants, authors, pundits & other professionals ?” .. and yes, I include(d) myself in the audience to which that question would be asked.

    Rock, meet hard place .. in an increasingly Darwinian work and commercial world, to many it seems the only way to ‘get somewhere’ is to yell, wave hands, and create nifty headlines.

    I don’t doubt all of this will get sorted out .. whether for the better or for the worse is (to me) an open question, tho’.

  4. No one of the scientists ever thought their inventions would be used to kill…
    The reality is that the vast majority of social sites users are the same who spend their time on BigBrother or who read the free press instead rhan buying newspapers.
    Free is too magic to be defeated!
    Anyone saw the Matrix trilogy?

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