Ghost Writing – Good or Bad?

2 thoughts on “Ghost Writing – Good or Bad?”

  1. I’ve had many a debate with PR types about this very topic, because practically no content produced in the name of a senior leader will have been written by them, whether that’s a blog or a newspaper column.

    My argument is that it’s wrong, that I’m reading because I want to hear their thoughts, not those of a PR professional.

    They would often then retort that the articles were their thoughts, but that AN Other had merely written them up for them. It’s an argument that still didn’t wash. Communication is important, so I’m sure these leaders know how to write well enough.

    For me, if they don’t have the time and inclination to do these things themselves, then they shouldn’t publish them in their own name. It’s a charade.

    Sadly I don’t think they were at all convinced. Naive and idealistic were some of the words pinged my way.

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