@Janetter or How I Started to Enjoy Twitter Once Again

29 thoughts on “@Janetter or How I Started to Enjoy Twitter Once Again”

  1. I’ll try it! Since Mixero stopped working I tried TweetDeck but didn’t really like it. Maybe this will get me back on Twitter. Thanks Luis.

    1. Hiya, Tony! Whoaahhh! Catching up with the thread of comments over here after quite a few months of hectic activities at work… So, how did it go? Did you eventually make use of Janetter and started playing with it and did it stick around? I would love to know whether it helped you dive into Twitter more regularly or not… What do you think?

  2. I am using Tweetdeck either in my android phone and under Linux (with Chromium). But when having a look at the full tweets timeline I would like to have something that keeps in sync what you have viewed and what not. Does not happen with TweetDeck.
    Any idea/suggestion?
    As per your post, if I was using Windows or MAC I would surely jump into Janetter.

    1. Hi Norbert, catching up with this thread of commentary after sheer madness unleashed at work and still non-stop. Either way, not sure about that behaviour on TweetDeck and how you would want to reproduce it. I know that Janetter provides you a lovely interface towards catching up with tweets in your tweet stream allowing you to work right from where you left things off and it surely is worth while a try. Apologies that’s not available for Linux at the moment, but hoping it may well be pretty soon, because it’s totally worth it!

  3. I’m using Janetter on my laptop and i really love it, and hopes it will come for iPhone and iPad too,soon.

    1. Hi Hilde, thanks a lot for reaching out and for the feedback! Glad you are enjoying it and me, too, wish Janetter would be available on iOS devices, although over there I am rather happy at the moment with TweetBot for both devices. Amazing App as well and although it’s not free it surely is worth while the money! One of the best, most powerful Twitter Apps on iOS that I have used in years! Highly recommended! 🙂

  4. Interesting app, thanks for writing about it! So I just created a new list. In Tweetdeck I could bring up everyone I followed and just start moving people into the list. How do I add users to a new list? I can’t figure out how to do that except to bring up one user’s individual profile, do it there, then go to another one. That will take forever.

    Gotta be an easier way.

    1. Hi Rick, thanks much for the kind comments and for the feedback! The way Janetter works is by creating those lists based on Twitter Lists, in fact, the groups it creates are just Twitter Lists, so you would have to add folks in groups as Twitter Lists and then Janetter will pick them up right away and work with them accordingly.

      So if you have got Twitter Lists you would be already sorted out. If not, you can create them directly from the Twitter.com site, or, indeed, going from one profile to another. There doesn’t seem to be a bulk mode capability in place at this point in time, or at least, that I may have seen…

    1. Hi Camille, if you go into the following link you would be able to download Janetter from there for Windows and work with it. It’s freeware so you should be able to download it right away and install it… Hope that helps …

  5. I’ve downloaded Janetter yesterday & I love it! I love the fact that it’s so customizable, I really care how my twitter interface looks.
    I’ve been used tweetdeck, but it disappointed me after the update where the bird’s color changed from yellow to blue. It also didn’t let me see my followers, witch also disappointed me cause I follow back. And it was slowing down my computer

    But Janetter has none of those glitches & it’s great 🙂

  6. Your article convinced me to try out Janetter, and so far I love it. I’m also a “power user” and the thought of not being able to do something as simple as change the display font in TweetDeck or MetroTweet really bothered me. Thanks for the great suggestion!

    1. Hi there! You should be able to delete the tweet by pressing on the Preferences “wheel” and select from there “Delete Tweet”. Notice how, obviously, you can only delete your own DM responses from Twitter, and not everyone else’s, I am afraid. But you should be able to see that option under the Preferences “wheel”

  7. thanks.. However, majority of the other twitter clients allows you to delete all your DM’s irrespective if it is your one or not

    1. I know, but there is not much that I can do about that one, I am afraid. You may want to reach out to the developers through Twitter, where I know they are very responsive and ask them to perhaps incorporate that capability from other Twitter clients. It doesn’t bother me too much since I never had that need to delete DMs. Hardly use them, I am afraid. So reach out to them and see what they may well say about adding that capability. Good luck!

  8. Is there a way to add a column showing your followers? I think I can get used to Janetter after switching from tweetdeck but that is the one thing I miss. Well, that and the ability to unfollow/block/block and report for spam with one click.

    1. Hi Beth, not necessarily on a column where you can easily see them (I agree with you it would be really cool!), but you should be able to display your Profile from the File > My Profile option and see the # of following and followers right from there. Perhaps worth a look, if you haven’t checked it out just yet …

      I agree as well with the option to block, unfollow as a single click. Alas, it’s a couple of other extra clicks, so I think we would need to adjust to it a little bit, but other than that, rock solid! I am hoping Janetter can keep up providing us with such a good experience. Best by far from the options available out there.

      Thanks again for dropping by!

    1. Hi Ray, yes, certainly, it would allow you to have as many columns as you would want to work with from both Twitter Searches, as well as Twitter Lists, that’s how I am using it myself eventually and how I have been using it all along 🙂

      Hope that helps…

    2. Yes, as on Tweetdeck it will show any tweet that contains that users account name.
      If you are using the pc version, click the magnifying glass search symbol, in ‘new’ enter the user you want (leave off the ‘@’) a column will be added to the right hand side of your existing columns with that name at the top. If you want to move the column click on it at the bottom and drag it.

  9. Hi. I have a question about favoriting tweets using Janetter. Sometimes when i’m stopped on a tweet and hit the “F” key, the tweet gets favorited. But other times, hitting “F” brings up a dialog box asking whether i want to favorite or unfavorite the tweet. I can’t figure out why the difference.


  10. Since Tweetdeck mobile has stopped working I’m trying to find another close to it. Janetter seems really close. But how do I add colums? I want a colum of just the tweets I have favorited.

  11. hey there!
    have been using janetter pro for exactly the same reasons you are pointing out in your post.

    Now, well, twitter changed a lot of their app-policices and tada, can´t use janetter/desktop) anymore. it says “no way to register new accounts…”
    where wondering if you suffer the same and if you maybe found a workaround. ´cause twitter 4 sure is a whole lot more fun in janetter, than using their webpage.

    thx for any suggestion!

    1. Hi Linda, many thanks for reaching out and for the feedback comments. Indeed, Twitter misbehaved a little bit a while ago resulting in Janetter not having enough Twitter API tokens and eventually not allowing you to install it again from the scratch, which I guess is what it has just happened to you. I am afraid I haven’t got a single workaround for it other than move along into other Twitter clients and see if they would match close such wonderful experience of Janetter. So far the closest I have found to mimic some of Janetter’s behaviours and use cases is Tweetbot on the Mac or iOS devices. v3 is phenomenal and it certainly has transformed how I make use of Twitter clients. Worth while a look if you are looking for alternatives 🙂

      If I find another alternative just as good as Janetter is I will lt you know about it. Hope that helps …

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