Life In A Perpetual Learning State

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  1. Admittedly, the way they described the 20th was exactly my school experience in so many ways.
    The problem is, though we see a new horizon, the educational systems of the world, for younger kids especially does not.
    If I did not have to earn a living I would be home schooling my kids. as it is I do it regarding electronics, mechanical engineering and many other “how things work” discussions with of course hands on work.
    My son at 4 was fixing his power wheels.
    But one thing which is still disturbing.
    The inability to think about a solution. The US kids are taught based on what is on the exams in many cases which leads to a Microsoft way of “click here, do that” with no concept of the underlying functions or how to fix them if there is a problem.

    1. Hi Keith! Oh, gosh, it looks like, even though we may have been separated by a big pond, we have shared pretty much the same schooling system back in the day!! I, too, feel we need to step up the way our education systems work, including, why not?, home schooling. I am not sure over there, but over here it’s still frown upon, when, imo, it shouldn’t. It should be fully embraced as an enhancement of current limited education provided. All to everyone’s advantage, for sure!

      I surely agree with you on something very important we should not ignore when being a learner: be a critical thinker, a problem solver, someone who cross checks the facts and as a result of that piece of “research” is capable of making an informed opinion versus whatever else and be able to comfortably host a conversation about it. I think those are pretty important and critical skills we should be able to inspire in all learners, whether at traditional schools and / or at home.

      Thanks for that reminder!

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