My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad 2

8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad 2”

    1. Hi Dennis! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the good feedback! Yes, sir, I am, indeed! For tweeting, specially, when I am mobile, at conference events and whatever else I use Osfoora HD, to me, *the* best Twitter client available out there on whatever the platform! I wish they would make a move into the desktop client world and I would be right there! 😀

      With regards to blogging, yes, for a good while I was looking for a good blog App that I could work with for my WordPress blog, since the WP App isn’t cutting it for me. And after looking around for a while, I found it: Blogsy.

      Not sure whether you have checked it out or whether you have seen it, but it’s worth it every penny, for sure! 🙂

      Hope that helps … I will be blogging further more about these and other favourite iPad Apps at #elsuapps


    1. Hi Palmi, thanks a bunch for the heads up and for that lovely recommendation I am sure would be helpful to other folks as well; alas I am running Macs for the last 4 years and haven’t used Windows in all of that time, and I don’t think I would be making the move back any time soon, but if I do, I will surely be checking it out! Thanks again for the recommendation and for dropping by!

  1. Luis – its not “move-back” kinda but more of Desktop remote option to work from IPAD in native way if i can use that word. It really opens up for usability a lest for me. plus if you have a nice Keyboard with it . it can be your laptop too. see this nice huhh ?

    1. Hi Palmi! Thanks a lot for the follow up and for the feedback comments! I know what you mean, but doesn’t VMWare work only to simulate Windows boxes? I may have it wrong, but that’s what I thought… To extend my iPad into become another “monitor” I actually use a couple of different Apps, with Splashtop being one of my favourites 🙂

      *Very* cool screencast on a rather nice and fancy iPad 2 case! And surely worth while looking into it! Have you seen this other one at i-Luv? I am wondering about getting one… Choices, choices! hehe

    1. Sure thing! I will let you know how it goes along with it, although I first need to figure out whether they ship products to where I live… If not, on to my next visit to the US! hehe But I will write about it, I am sure! Thanks again, Palmi, for the heads up and for the feedback comments! Greatly appreciated! 🙂

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