My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad

17 thoughts on “My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad”

    1. LOL!! Thanks much, Rick, for dropping by and for the kind words, my friend! It’s funny, here you are commenting on a blog post I did and yet your touching story is just the amazing one showing everyone how there is still a world of goodness out there!

      Thanks for helping us re-discover it! 😀

      1. I bought my iPad because I just really wanted something cool to play with. I also had the incentive of bringing it with me to Boston for the E2.0 Conference, where I happily used it for lots of things. I talk about it a little on my blog at I’m glad you listed all these things, though, Luis, because I could never have articulated them as thoroughly as you have, but I surely have enjoyed the same, amazingly complete and positive experience you have. So, when I said “What he said” (meaning what you said), I really did mean all of what you said. I’m even thinking now of getting rid of my BlackBerry and just getting something really simple (will still need texting functionaliity, though, I think).

        1. Hi Rick! Thanks a bunch for the follow up commentary! Greatly appreciated! Yes, I agree with you the experience so far has been rather similar and kind of funny we are both finding similar uses for it despite our potential usage patterns with other devices. I am, too, thinking about ditching my smartphone and just stick around with one that does the basics: phone and SMS; anything else I can get it from the iPad, my inseparable travel companion.

          Let’s see how long before I make that happen and ditch the smartphone for good! 🙂

    1. Hi Stephan! Well, I’m not sure whether it was the “I just couldn’t resist” or something else. It took me 21 shops in the end to eventually purchase one after a couple of months search, so I think it’s a bit more than I just couldn’t resist hehe Ever from the first moment it came out I knew I was going to get one, even despite all of that negative commentary about how they weren’t going to spend the money on it, because they thought it would fall short. Well, well, well, let’s look into it now and see how short it has fallen! 🙂 hehe

      It hasn’t with me! Quite the opposite! Loving it from day one! So I guess, yes, a little bit of “I just couldn’t resist”, after all 😉

    1. Hi Darren! Glad you like the WP theme; It was actually put together by a very talented fellow UK friend of mine who knew exactly what I wanted and who got it sorted out in a matter of a few days and she surely did a fabulous job!

      If you are interested, her name is Laura Whitehead (@LittleLaura on Twitter). Like I said, a very talented Web designer who surely knows how to work things out really nice! 🙂

      So the credit on the theme goes to her hehe

    1. Hi Barry! Thanks for dropping by and for the inspiration, my friend! I am not sure whether the post would help you purchase one, but I can tell you it was that kind of thinking that permeated through the post that made it buy it a few weeks back. I haven’t been back ever since! In fact, ever since I bought it I no longer use my mobile phone other than to make phone calls, which I rarely do.

      So seriously thinking about ditching my smartphone and save tons of money! Which could surely be another good reason to get an iPad: help you reduce costs elsewhere! 🙂

      Either way, hope you manage to take it for a spin and eventually make whatever decision; if you buy one keep checking the weekly posts on #elsuapps 😀

  1. Thanks Luis. As always, your comments are very insightful. I’ve been planning to purchase the next version of the iPad (hopefully with multi-tasking). Your statements reinforce my desire to purchase one. Thanks!

    1. Hi David! Thanks for the kind comments and for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed the blog post! You may not have to wait for too long, eventually, since the multi-tasking aspect is coming to the iPad any time soon and would surely make a huge difference when it kicks in! So you may need to start getting ready! 😀

  2. Thanks so much, Luis. My decision is made (I guess it already was)… one question for you: how do you use the iPad for input? Has the keyboard been tough to get used to? Do you use a special case to tilt the device for typing? …sorry for the mundane question, but I’m very curious about this.

    1. Lee – I can’t exactly answer on behalf of Luis (who’s an awfully busy guy), but we had a DM exchange just recently that brought up this very issue. I use the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, which syncs up nicely with the iPad. I think Luis is at least planning on doing the same soon. I have a case that holds the device at the right angle for viewing. There are also some flexible keyboards available that aren’t terribly expensive. The iPad keyboard is a bit of a pain in the tuchus, if you ask me. It’s very sensitive and only 80% the size of a full keyboard, in landscape mode. Not good for a guy with even medium size hands.

      1. Hi Lee & Rick! Many many thanks guys for dropping by and for the feedback! Yes, Rick is correct, just recently I have started to make use of the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and it’s just a treat for extensive typing away on the iPad; definitely *ideal* for conference events where love blogging and tweeting ensures!

        For the rest of my typing activities I have been getting along just rather nicely with the iPad keyboard; I am used to typing on such devices, so I have been adjusting quite nicely and it’s amazing what typing from 5 fingers to 1 or 2 can do! And, to my surprise, it’s rather accurate, too! Although it may take a bit of time to adjust as Rick suggests as well.

        However, if you have got a chance, check out this link to one of those flexible keyboards that Rick also mentioned; it looks stunning and if I could how to get one where I live I would be seriously considering getting one! 😀

        Hope that helps, Lee… Let us know! 🙂

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