On Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz

3 thoughts on “On Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz”

  1. Thanks for pointing to this one, Luis. Something that I found and liked was the idea that if I think you are wrong, maybe I just don’t understand enough about where you are coming from, and I should try to learn more about THAT than automatically assuming you are “wrong.” I often find it is my assumptions that are “wrong.”

    1. Hi Jack! You are most welcome! Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Very nice observation, indeed! I felt pretty much the same way while going through, and surely has helped me make much more of a conscious effort to try to figure out first where people may be coming with those “wrong” perceptions, and see whether it’s me the one that’s actually wrong, or them, and understand why. Perhaps it’s no longer that black and white when stating whether someone is right or wrong. Kathryn’s TED Talk surely has made me think a lot about this very same topic in the last couple of days…

      Thanks again for the feedback and speak soon! 🙂

  2. On behalf of those of us that enjoy getting things wrong, I had wondered why everyone never likes being wrong.
    The only way you get experience is to mess up the first time.
    Few times in life have we ever done anything 100% correct the first time.

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