Shell All of That Knowledge, Please!

2 thoughts on “Shell All of That Knowledge, Please!”

  1. Hi Luis! This is an interesting topic. Interesting you point to Shell. I know they have (had?) a project to retain critical knowledge of retiring employees. It was called the ROCK program (Retention of Critical Knowledge). And one of the key elements was videoing interviews with older employees, indexing and sharing them. What I understood is it was highly successful.
    I’ll also leave a comment on Nick’s blog.

    1. Hi Samuel! Thanks much for the wonderful comments and for the great contribution! Indeed, I, too, was aware of that video program as well, although not at the level of detail you share above! Indeed, I am more and more convinced that narrative, via videos or audio (i.e. podcasts), is going to be huge over the next few years as we help prepare the transition of the various generations at work and certainly using something so simple like recording a conversation is always going to be much easier and much more effective than having to put it all in text.

      That’s why I think smartphones as well are going to be huge, because they would allow you to use your favourite App to hit record and starting capturing that conversation that you could work on it further on at a later time. I got a couple of those Apps and I love them to record informal conversations when talking to other knowledge workers. It’s awesome!

      Thanks again for the lovely feedback! Much appreciated! 🙂

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