elsua.net Is Now Finally Back Up and Running! Welcome Back!

5 thoughts on “elsua.net Is Now Finally Back Up and Running! Welcome Back!”

  1. I’m amazed that a 47 hour outage would have that outcome on your blog. Frankly, you’re a fixture. Certainly wretched that it hit after such a great number of exposures, but I wonder if the counters just haven’t caught up yet?

  2. Luis,

    The post you linked to in the support forum says that they customers will “be notified in the coming days via the email address in your Directadmin control panel. (Be sure that’s updated and current).” I assume you didn’t see the notice about your site because either a) they didn’t actually send you an e-mail or b) they sent it but you didn’t receive/read it.

    If the latter, it seems that this may be an example of the real, though unfortunate, consequences of living a life without e-mail?

    My way of saying, I guess, give them another chance. And maybe let them know that they need to add a bit of social media to their notification process.

  3. Amigo, I’m glad elsua.net is back. Makes you wonder what kind of disaster recover one ought to consider. I suppose with the search engines there’s a cache out there somewhere, but who could find it?

  4. I strongly believe your traffic will come back, don’t worry. It just will take a little time for people to rediscover, but they will as I think the vast majority see the ticklers for this from other venues or their RSS will kick back in now that it’s up, etc.. Take heart! Sorry to hear about the misfortune.

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