My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #3

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  1. Hi, Luis. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and tweets. I work for a large bank here in Spain and the KM effort leaves a lot to be desired. KM as a topic of importance is an uphill battle here. Thanks for keeping up the quality of the blog!

    My latest favorite app on the iPad is River of News. I’ve been having trouble finding a good app to handle RSS feeds. I’ve used Google Reaader in Safari, Feedler, and gave some thought to other ones.

    What attracted me to this app was the combination of elegance of presentation and the option to mark items read as you scroll. (You can also click Mark all as read.) Reading workflow with this option on is ideal. The unread count goes down quickly and if I find something worthwhile all I have to do is either read it then and there or star it. It does a fabulous job of keeping the unread count down. A couple of caveats: performance is not always great and it can freeze up temporarily. The developer has an update in the App store pending to resolve this issue.

    I’ve got a few other favorite apps. Some coincide with yours like Instapaper and Goodreader.

    I love NoteTaker HD which allows you to take freehand notes (I use a Pogo Sketch). The app has a very, very clever design to facilitate fast note taking.

    I like Simplenote (which transparently syncs between my iPad, Touch, Notational Velocity on my Mac, and Simplenote on the web).

    Lastly, Air Display, which allows me to use the iPad as an external monitor on my MBP. The video is transmitted over wifi but for cursory use it’s great.

    All the best.

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