Enterprise 2.0 Perceived Risks: Myth or Reality?

9 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 Perceived Risks: Myth or Reality?”

  1. This reminds me of the many times I was sitting on a plane, able to see everything on my neighbor’s laptop screen, hearing a group of sales people refining the strategy for their customer meeting, discussing their quarterly numbers and their new secret strategy to “save the company”….

    What if I have been a client or a competitor ?

    I’m sure their IT dept was very aware of security issues but, in fact, the risk is not a matter of technology but a matter of people, whether they use technology or not.

    1. Hi Bertrand! Thanks a lot for the kind comments and for the feedback! Yes, as Dennis nicely put it below, it’s situations like the ones that you describe that are indicative of the kind of challenge we face in helping knowledge workers understand what they know and how their surroundings affect how they share information across. Your examples are perfect regarding the state of things and happy to acknowledge as well the challenge is not really with the technology, but with the people themselves, making use of that technology.

      Hopefully, like I said below, we can help educate those folks that they’s also a bit of responsibility coming along on what to do best with that piece of information or knowledge they will be sharing across …

      Thanks again for the feedback! 🙂

  2. So the perceived risks are really real. It’s like Pogo used to say, “we have the met the enemy and he is us”.

    Or as the guns rights activists say “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” (people with guns kill people more efficiently than people with rocks).

    People with efficient tools who will leak sensitive information can do it more efficiently than those armed with paper and pencil.

    1. Hi Dennis! Thanks for the dropping by and for the lovely comments! Greatly appreciated! 🙂 Spot on!

      Those are great quotes and happy you ended it up with one I would like to chime in myself as well: “People with efficient tools AND with the right education and facilitation in place will be rather efficient at protecting that secured information. Any time, any place, any where!”

      Yes, indeed, we still have got A LOT of work ahead of us! 🙂

      1. The other key point that often gets missed is there’s quite a difference between what one might do in public Twitter vs. a microblog behind the corporate firewalls.

        Emails are easy to get beyond the controls, but internal blogs take more work, so good platforms make it easier to prevent accidental leaks and harder to make intentional ones.

        1. Indeed! You are bringing in a very good point! Specially from that perspective of boosting knowledge sharing and collaboration internally in a secure environment, which is the initial stage, for sure!, in getting folks comfortable with the social tools and the social dynamics of interacting amongst groups, networks and communities, before diving into the outer world available called the Internet and explore the opportunity to improve the relationships with customers and stakeholders, amongst other groups.

          It’s all in small steps, small, but rather solid and moving forward, that’s all in the mix!

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