Treasuring the Moment That Changed Our Lives for Good

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  1. Absolutely understand and my familiarity with soccer/football is based primarily on my two kids having grown up with it her in the States. Still, I remember the time in 2005 when on a visit to Barcelona my family and I found ourselves surrounded in the Plaza de Catalunya by the Barcelona team returning in triumph from Madrid having won the national championships. Absolute pandemonium amongst thousands of happy people! And when my son and I watched the World Cup a few weeks ago he kept pointing out team members he recognized from that day and their triumphal circumnavigation of the park. Too bad we have to wait so many years for another chance like this!

  2. Wonderful post!!!!
    I really enjoyed very much this world cup, not because of my home team (Argentina) but because Uruguay! my partner is from there, so my heart turned absolutely “celeste” (blue sky)
    I was conquered by “la garra charrúa” (Charrúan claws) and every match was unforgettable.
    And in the final match, we suffered a lot because of the Spanish players were so beaten, and that’s why we were so happy with Iniesta and his wonderful goal!!!
    I share some links:
    (in english, spanis and portuguese)

    What FIFA World Cup 2010 teaches us about Project Management?

    Uruguay y la garra charrua

    A vitória do futebol e da vida


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