Manifesto by Dave Pollard

One thought on “Manifesto by Dave Pollard”

  1. Very interesting, but I do think it is flawed, not through idealism but through the same mistaken lens of seemingly dissimilar philosophies like existentialism and objectivism in assuming a materialist reality unfettered by abstract values and unbounded by external force. “I do what I choose, what I know is right to do. Do not tell me, or ask me, to do otherwise,” is simply incorrect: we do not get to do what we choose to do so often or what we know is right, in fact often we do what our biology and social pressures dictate – and that is also a beautiful thing, or, rather, can be. In fact, he acknowledges this in the commentary on being a complicit part of this world, this universe, and that complicity is where choice and will are bent towards the needs of species survival and social comity, and becomes an inherent contradiction. Not being a “believer” but then “acknowledging” this greater hole is another contradiction, and in point of fact we must “believe” for the mere act of going forward, as this manifesto represents, for a manifest is a belief.

    I would argue rather we are all by turns objects, employees, users, leaders, consumers, and so on, and all these things are a part of that complicity in the greater whole. They are the necessary gears by which it turns, from symbiosis to osmosis to the other biological use cases we can apply. By each day I may be whore, giver, judge, and victim – or rather, the whole may need me to be these and I may need to be.

    Still, very interesting, not taking away from that. I do feel it’s quite incomplete though. That said, I agree with a lot of what I think is the foundation of this, but the difficulty is that foundation is a bit implicit, we don’t have the philosophical basis, though I can surmise much of it.

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