When Command and Control Needs to Become Engage and Support

8 thoughts on “When Command and Control Needs to Become Engage and Support”

  1. Thanks for the really good advice, it´s definitely not about the tools though we often get overexcited about them.

    I´ve just discovered this blog and find it very useful for all of us working with social networks. I´m surprised I hadn´t heard of it before, it´s funny I had to hear from you through an Indian friend at the eSTAS Congress.

    1. Hi Leila, thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for dropping by! It’s greatly appreciated! Glad you found the article helpful, too! I have been blogging for nearly 5 years now over here and guess that at some point in time it had to come out there for Spanish readers, since most of the times I blog in English; perhaps a good chance for me to consider writing in Spanish as well… We shall see …

      Oh, by the way, small world this one, eh? When folks in India refer you to this blog 😀

        1. Hi Leila, thanks for the follow up! Yeah, I know Gaurav from many years of interacting online, both on blogs and twitter as well. Small world, indeed! 😀

          Actually, the main theme of this blog is to write in English, as that’s where most of my audience comes from: English speaking countries; however, every so often I get to write something in Spanish as a way not to forget about it, so you may see a few of them coming up!

          Really interesting blog that one you have put together! I shall continue reading further up some of the great writing you have been putting together. Good stuff! 🙂

  2. By the way, I´ve heard you have some recommendations on how to live and work without email. Could you please recommend me some readings? I´m really interested. Thanks!

    1. I found it, “A world without email”. I just haven´t had the time to go through the alternatives to the use of email but the experiment sounds interesting.

      1. Hi Leila! Yes, indeed, that’s a good starting point; I have done a few videos on the topic which you could also find off that tag as well as plenty more insights on the topic; I must say that it used to be a little bit of an experiment. Now, over two years later, it’s my day to day reality, of continuing to use social software tools, instead of email in order to share knowledge across and collaborate with other folks and so far it’s working all right 🙂

        Happy reading! 🙂

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