Validating Social Computing by Living an Historic Moment at IBM

6 thoughts on “Validating Social Computing by Living an Historic Moment at IBM”

  1. Thank you for sharing, well done on the Lotus Connections deployment within IBM showing the scalability and hughe potential of the platform and showing it’s ready for enterprise.

  2. Luis,

    First of all I agree that Lotus Connections 2.5 has great functionality. And I think IBM has made 500 K internal users very happy by delivering this functionality to them.


    I think that it is the last time you should be proud that new functionality is delivered to 500K users only 3 months after the on-premise software became General Available.

    In the ideal world these functionality should have become available on day one of GA to 500 K IBM employees. And in my opinion IBM has the offering to make this happen with LotusLive (Engage/Connections).

    LotusLive should have all the features that are available within LC 2.5
    And to go even one step further, LC3.0 functionality should be delivered to LotusLive first. And the next step should be a LC3.0 on-premise beta program, ect..
    Change the TAP environment to LotusLive Sandbox environment.

    Cloud based solutions should have higher priority than On-Premise solutions !

    From a quatre/year revenue point of view I can image that IBM and IBM “traditional” business partner would see lot of problems with this change. But from a customer point of view, giving their end user new functionality much sooner would really have great benefit.

    And when for example IBM’s intranet would “only” be a community wihtin LotusLive, IBM will no longer need a Lotus Connections and Lotus Sametime on-premise system.
    And end user within IBM no longer need to logon to 2 different systems (w3 and lotuslive)

    Other “traditional” On-Premise software companies like Microsoft face the same issue, what is first SPS2010 or BPOS2010, and what delivers more functionality SPS2010-on-premise or BPOS2010-cloud offering.

    But at the end of the day it is only changing you mind that Cloud is more important than On-Premise.

    To conclude I still agree that the functionality of Lotus Connections is best out there, but we want it different and faster to market. And the only way to do this is, to give IBM Cloud computing higher priority!

  3. Minor correction – “historial” = “historical” / “historic” (the latter is better, but it should be “an historic”).

    It was great to have this rolled into a production deployment. It’s transforming the way I work.

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