Tribal Leadership by David Logan

2 thoughts on “Tribal Leadership by David Logan”

  1. I’m very intrigued by systems or mechanisms that produce behaviors in people. What made him/her do that? What’s rewarded, and what kind of corporate cukture and individual behavior does that produce? I think all companies/organizations, big or small, ought to (for their own best) have a consciousness about those issues for the people in their domain. But then I’m very surprised at the seemingly primitive measurements appearing when companies need to cut back, cut costs. It’s one big message stream coming down in the organization, that we need to cut back here and cut back there for the company to survive or move forward, but it leaves the people feeling less valued and almost as a burden to the company (the personnel budget is one of the largest posts). I understand that a company has to be economic sound, but the same employees that feel/suffer all these measurements (even lay-offs) to cut costs by say $50 million also watch the share value of the company double. So here’s a mechanism for you. Under the current economic system that most companies operate, they are totally in the hands of willing investors – they are the one that rules (the Golden Rule – “He who has the gold rules, or make the rules”). So how is it possible under such governments to introduce those higher levels of leadership? I see this is much easier in privately owned companies. They are forced to operate under sustainable HR principles. The people asset mechanism is much more in force here than in big public companies.

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