McAfee’s Hypothesis and The Adventures of Molly Discovering Social Software

One thought on “McAfee’s Hypothesis and The Adventures of Molly Discovering Social Software”

  1. I follow your blog and very often share your views. I was an e-mail evangelist late 70’s and early 80′. Since early 90’s I have spent a lot of time trying to establish collaboration using more productive tools.
    One question. Why do we call sw that provides collaboration tools like discussion forums, blogs, IM, wiki’s etc for Social SW. I would appreciate some reasoning on that from you.
    Then. The man who… is a good example of why the person in charge is key to the collaboration process. That was he who caused that the available tools were not used in the first place.
    So the key success factors as I can see it are
    – key collaboration functions available
    – awareness of the advantage of using them
    – basic skills to use them. It’s not self explanatory how to use a wiki or what tool fot wha purpose
    – committment to a new way of working. To use mail as an action trigger with links to appropriate info for one on one or one on many, for personal dialog one on one, but never, never for a reply all-based discussion or to shuffle around big attachments.

    Molly had a god start. She came to the prepared table. Key qusetion for me. How do you get a ‘prepared table’?
    Thanks for your thoughtful blogging 🙂

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