Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch

7 thoughts on “Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch”

  1. A culture strategy? Maybe. But clearly not the way they’ve described it. A Gap? Only when you think about it in the wrong way. Strategy and culture are on the same continuum. You can’t really have a culture strategy. Your business strategy is useless without embodying the culture.

    Nothing makes this more clear than the principles of Tribal Leadership (watch the TED piece first):

  2. By thinking about, “how receptive, open and collaborative the culture of a particular business needs to be in order to adopt and embrace social software”, you have moved past the dichotomous thinking of open/closed culture that plagues a lot of the surface-level discussions about social computing in large organizations. I recently wrote about this myself in the context of the social business design meme, pointing to the importance of using social network analysis within the organization to understand existing collaboration patterns before developing a collaboration strategy.

  3. Great post. Culture eats strategy for lunch? Mmmm…

    The video makes some very vaild points, not least of which is that culture must be aligned with corporate strategy.

    How effective is a great culture with no strategy? A great place to work? Sure. A profitable company? Maybe.

    Vision and strategy are where things start. Creating and enhancing an innovative culture where people love the process associated with execution of the corporate strategy is imperative and imperative.

    Great post – thanks again.

    – Brian

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