Spark – CBC Radio – Full Interview: Luis Suarez Explains How to Quit Email

4 thoughts on “Spark – CBC Radio – Full Interview: Luis Suarez Explains How to Quit Email”

  1. Luis

    Have followed some of your advice and cut down on my e-mail except in the past few days when I am looking for votes for my South by Southwest Interactive Panel (2010).

    The title is ‘No Vacation Nation, Is Vagabonding the Right Medicine’…

    Here is the link to Voting Page

    Voting Ends today SEPT 4 at Midnight (US Time).

    Bon week-end

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

    1. Hiya, Serge! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments! That panel for SxSW looks rather rather interesting! And I have just taken the liberty of voting for it as well as spread it through my local networks of folks who I feel would be interested in it. Good stuff!

      Hope it makes it through and look forward to reading more about it and glad you are on that endeavour of reducing your work email! Good stuff! Keep it up and hope to speak to you soon!


  2. I listened to the CBC Spark interview as a podcast. (It’s not the first time I’ve heard the show. I’m Canadian!)

    It’s funny how, after read your blog for such a long time, that I’ve never heard your voice before. It’s deeper than I expected, with an accent that really took me by surprise. British tutors?

    Maybe we’ll meet face-to-face some day. (I’ll probably be shorter than you expected!)

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