Executing Enterprise 2.0: Dachis Group Acquires Headshift

7 thoughts on “Executing Enterprise 2.0: Dachis Group Acquires Headshift”

  1. Thanks so much Luis – your excitement and positive forecast mean so much, coming from someone who’s been so immersed in KM and collaboration for so long. Out of respect, I’m not checking the notification option above (re: followup via email) and will come back to discuss anything further here!

    1. Hi Kate! You are most welcome! Thanks a lot for the kind feedback and for dropping by! I have been quiet over the last couple of days since I have posted this entry, more than anything else, because I have been doing plenty of reading on the various reactions this acquisition has sparked and I am really excited about it all, because generally speaking they are all very positive indicating how the game has changed for good in this space of 2.0.

      And just simply getting things moving along already with a new wave of thinking moving away from traditional labels like Enterprise 2.0 into Social Business Design, which, imo, is right on the money: i.e. changing the way businesses operate by helping them become human again while getting the job done!

      Like I said, placing the focus where it should have been all along… Not on the tools, not on the processes, although both of them are important as well, but on the people themselves as the main drivers of that transformational corporate change. Can’t wait!!

      Congratulations once again and surely look forward to further conversations with you all!

      (PS. Amazing to see how many folks of the new Dachis Group, after Headshift’s acquisition, I have been following all along! … Privileged!)

  2. Hi Luis..really like the quote ” Yet, as we know, most companies have come to accept an overly bureaucratic, process-heavy high-cost model of doing business as the norm. They need credible partners who can operate across technology, organisational design and business analysis to help meet this challenge, not just evangelists or technology vendors. That’s our role.”
    May be on Blue IQ CALLS,we can emphasize on this role bit further. It is a profound statement to be in the role of a credible buisness partner operating across Technology, OD and business analysis.. ! it would be nice to do some education in Blue IQ around this. Your thoughts ?

    Thanks !
    Ruchi Bhatia

    1. Hi Ruchi! Appreciated the great commentary and the follow up! Yes, I agree with you that it would be quite an interesting uptake for BlueIQ to follow that road and, funny enough, it’s happening already by partnering with a number of different parts of the org. dealing right into the details of shaping up our business relationships with our clients, but also internally with different connections established and well under way, amongst them the CIO group… As more details become available, I will surely be sharing further insights… For now check the internal BlueIQ Media Library space and look at the call replay for August. Right on target of what you have just mentioned above 🙂

      Thanks again for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Greatly appreciated!

  3. Great post Luis! I especially love the quote for Lee Bryant. It continues to boggle my mind that seasoned business executives stumble into the same traps and are slow to embrace a critical transformational opportunity. It is time to leap into the 21st century or risk being left in the dust. Companies will not be able to survive the future without solid collaboration both inside & outside its four walls.

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