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  1. Hi Luis, very interesting.

    I guess its true that the ideas about the potential of computers to help us work more effectively and collaborate better have been around for the long time. If you haven’t already you should read Ray Ozzie’s interview in Wired Dec 2008 where he talks about the Plato system at University of Illinois which was way ahead of its time:

    I think there are a few new interesting innovations in the collaboration space which weren’t around last time.. for example monitoring activity and automatically sharing it as status with others, or learning from users to suggest new relevant content and present it in the context of a user’s work. Check out Socialtext or Infovark for example.

    I agree though, these are exciting times, and I think we are definitely closer to the beginning of a big change than the end!

  2. In 1998 we were using Lotus Notes on a Domino server in order to work collaboratively with our clients at a distance. We had to drag them kicking & screaming into this much more transparent environment. Most just didn’t participate, even though it was easier, simpler and more efficient. Changing technology is easy; changing people is much more difficult. That’s why it’s taking so long.

  3. Thanks Luis,
    I remember this video since my early days in KM. I used it extensively for sales pitches and workshops way back in 2000.
    We (I was at Satyam then) even created a E2.0 type solution for Indian Oil Corporation by integrating ~ 7 different products from Websphere and Lotus suite in 2003 and even won IBM beacon award 2004 for “Best Knowledge and Content Mgmt Portal”

  4. Hi Luis, as you know it was about 1995 when I first discovered what later would be referred to as social computing and from that point on was frustrated by how slowly and incompletely most people adopted it. It’s been almost 3 years since I left the corporate world and it looks like I’d still be frustrated had I stayed.

    What is it that keeps some folks from jumping on the band wagon? (How many times have we asked that question?)

    I’m glad to see you are still pushing ahead.

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