A World Without Email – Year 2, Weeks 23 to 27 (Recovering from a Moment of Weakness)

4 thoughts on “A World Without Email – Year 2, Weeks 23 to 27 (Recovering from a Moment of Weakness)”

  1. Luis, you are a great testament of the successes that can be achieved by using social software in the enterprise. Keep up the great work and hope to hear more on how you use Lotus Connections internally to get out of Mail Jail.. (or in your case, stay out of mail jail) 😀

    P.S. The release date is Aug 28th, not 25th. 9 more days baby!

    1. Hi Luis B! Thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the kind comments. It’s greatly appreciated! Yeah, exciting times ahead, indeed, not so much from what I am myself doing in this space utilising social software tools for business, but more because of seeing other fellow knowledge workers giving it a try and seeing by themselves the many many benefits. I think that’s what’s amazing and a real treat to witness. I am just the trigger, you know, once I got it off for everyone else it’s time for them to enjoy what I have been enjoying for the last 18 months and going!

      Oh, on the date for LCv.2.5 … whooops! You are right! I have changed it accordingly! Many thanks once again, Luis! Appreciated!

  2. There is a hint at the larger problem in your quote from Rene Cunningham. If I think (or people think) that my Inbox is “a todo list that anyone in the world can write to,” then of course my Inbox is going to become problematic.

    But since email is still one of the easiest means of interacting within a business (even one as technically advanced as IBM), then we need to stop letting people believe that Inbox = todo list. Or that it is anything other than an inbox of unprocessed stuff. Treat it that way: process the stuff on a regular basis and then put it where it belongs: throw most of it away, file the rest, and put the few things that are really to-be-done in the appropriate place. To do work does not belong sitting in your inbox.

    1. Hi Jack! Many many thanks for those great insights and for some amazing quotes in there! You are just so right! Yet, seeing reality is a different thing. We all know how most people use their Inboxes as their workplace: how they justify they have been doing work; how they use it as their file sharing, and storago room!, for all of those attachments that come through; how they feel they can justify themselves on what they by the amount of hours they have invested and so forth.

      We all know most folks use their email as everything but for what was originally put in place: communicate effectively.

      I do agree with you we need to break the mold and show everyone that the Inbox needs to be diversified and every interaction should be going to the tool that is perhaps much more appropriate. The thing is that this is change that we need to provoke ourselves, not something else or someone else. We are the first ones who should realise we need to stop treating our inboxes like our to-do lists or, like I have been saying all along, the biggest delegation machine the corporate world has ever known and which we are still suffering from!

      Thanks again for the wonderful feedback comments, Jack! Greatly appreciated!

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