Collaboration Matters 8 and 9 – Lotusphere Highlights with “Los Dos Luis”

6 thoughts on “Collaboration Matters 8 and 9 – Lotusphere Highlights with “Los Dos Luis””

  1. Hey Luis, It was an absolute honour and pleasure to have you involved with both the Lotusphere BoF itself and with the two podcasts – we really appreciated you taking the time out of your very busy schedule to take part.

    I’ve personally learnt so much from your work on social software and collaboration, and hope to collaborate with you again in the near future…

    Thanks again for the kind words!

    1. Hi Stu, many many thanks for dropping by and for the kind feedback comments! I am sure the pleasure was all ours getting together with you folks over at Lotusphere, as well as the podcasting episodes; it surely was fun and we, too, learned quite a bit from the various interactions and questions folks had during the event. The podcasts were very nice, too, and surely we need to get some more action going in this space! Look forward to the next time we could work together on some of this! Thanks again, Stu (& Neil, of course!)!

    1. Hi Jack! I am not sure whether it would help or not, but I have asked Stu whether I could grab the episodes and then store them locally in my Dropbox account and share the link to you. That would make for an easier downloading of the recordings … I will reach out to you on Twitter later on today to confirm whether I have got the files loaded there or not, in which case I would suggest a couple of other options … Not to worry, email won’t be one of them 😉 heh

      Thanks for dropping by and for the feedback!

    2. Hi Jack, thanks for the comment and the feedback. Normally we publish the podcasts at 64kbps to keep the size down but a change in our publishing process this time around meant that they went out at 192kbps, hence the larger size – sorry about that.

      However, we’ve republished at 64kbps, resulting in files that are about 12MB in size – much better! CM9 English

      Hope this helps! Also, you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes – just search for “Collaboration Matters”. Thanks for listening!

      1. Hi Stu! How wonderful! Thanks much for the prompt response and for helping accommodate to Jack’s commentary. I’m sure the podcasting episode will be downloaded much easier now and for many more folks who will have a chance to listen to it without their network having to suffer from it. Fantastic news!

        Many many thanks as well for sharing the tip on subscribing to the podcast through iTunes and again for all of the help and support! Greatly appreciated!


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