SOMESSO London 2009 – My Favourite Highlights

3 thoughts on “SOMESSO London 2009 – My Favourite Highlights”

  1. Hi Luis, thanks for the recommendation. Though I’m raving about the possibility of seeing all these presentations online, often I don’t take the time.. will try to view one of those!

    1. Hi Joitske! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments! I know what you mean exactly, so, if you would want to pick one of them to watch as perhaps the most compelling one, may I suggest you check the one from Lee Bryant. It’s perhaps one of the most thought-provoking and amazing sessions I have seen in a while … Then, one step at a time, for the others heh

      PS. Oh, given your background around communities and communities of practice you should also watch Marilyn Pratt’s session. An eye opener, to say the least, on managing communities…

      Hope you enjoy them!

  2. Luis, As one of your big fans I’m totally humbled by your graciousness in mentioning my presentation. I would have considered it an honor to have met you personally in London. I’m still waiting for the chance when you come to NYC. Your colleague Andy was amazing and in terms of content, the day kept me charged. Couldn’t have asked for a better collection of presenters. Thanks for pulling this together here.

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