Social Workplace for Government 2.0 by Deb Lavoy

3 thoughts on “Social Workplace for Government 2.0 by Deb Lavoy”

  1. i’m thrilled that you found my slideshow useful and doubly so that you shared it. thank you very much, and I look forward to discussing some of the cultural and technical challenges to come. And I will certainly check out Us Now.

    1. Hi Deb! Many thanks for dropping by and for the feedback insights! Yes, certainly! I have enjoyed it tremendously and I surely am happy to help spreading the message around it! It’s wonderful! There are so many powerful slides in that deck that I wouldn’t know where to get started, so I blogged about the whole thing. I think it was, still is very much so, worth the effort!

      I also started following you on Twitter as I am sure I would be able to learn plenty more of the stuff you are getting involved with and hope to be able to engage in further discussions on the topic.

      Again, many many thanks for sharing such a slide deck and look forward to further interactions!

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