Is the iPhone Enterprise Ready?

3 thoughts on “Is the iPhone Enterprise Ready?”

  1. The battery is a big problem, and I guess the penalty ofr having such a powerful device that it sucks up power.

    I haven’t experienced the poor reception so much as poor call quality/microphone volume on my 2G version.

    Also, I’m surprised the keyboard did not come into your thoughts, Luis. If I had to use it regularly for email I think I’d scream, although OS3.0 will have landscape for that which will be a big improvement.

  2. Luis, estoy completamente de acuerdo con tu artículo. De hecho, tengo un borrador de documento muy parecido a lo que has escrito. El problema no sólo es del iPhone. Los dispositivos Windows Mobile también están afectados. Sobre todo, si llevan una solución de movilidad de correo push instalada. Sea Lotus Traveler o de la competencia. Yo ahora estoy probando un teléfono Nokia E71 con traveler pero me falta instalar unos parches en el servidor. De momento, la batería me dura más de dos días enteros. Con un teléfono wmobile llegaba por los pelos a un día. Saludos desde Barcelona, Albert.

  3. Luis,

    I had the same issue with the latest iPhone update (I have the first gen phone.) My battery life literally sucked. I called Apple to start the battery replacement process (after all, my phone is 1 yr old!) The Apple rep asked me to do ONE task first. Re-install (via restore) the latest iPhone OS. Then I restored my data. Although a bit inconvenient, that did the trick! Now, I’m not gonna tell ya that my phone will go for days with out a recharge, but it does make it through the entire day now!

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