World Wide Web in Plain English

2 thoughts on “World Wide Web in Plain English”

  1. I agree with your article totally. I have taught myself most of what I have learned about the web, marketing, etc but I still get stuck when articles are writtewn in geekspeak and I don’t totally understand them. Yes, let’s have more in plain English.

    1. Hi Louie Jemore, thanks for dropping by and for the kind comments! Yes, I certainly agree with you that if more of our Web speak would be more “… in plain English”, just like the Commoncraft super fine materials we would be seeing a completely different game out there! I just hope we would have the opportunity to keep building around them and make our jobs easier, because so far they have had such a huge impact it would be difficult to ignore them!

      Let’s try to keep things simple and ensure everyone has got a chance to participate! That’s the whole point behind the 2.0 movement. So let’s not spoil it, indeed!

      Thanks for chiming in and for sharing your thoughts!

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