Traditional Knowledge Management Systems – Adapt or Die

2 thoughts on “Traditional Knowledge Management Systems – Adapt or Die”

  1. Big companies (I rely on my experience in the german automobile sector) hardly introduced organisation-wide traditional KMS and now they have to face both the transition to web 2.0 and the emerging field of social computing.

    What happens to the old KMS? Do they need to be abandoned? Or is social computing just a face-lift with some new features?

    However, I also wonder if the actual world crisis influences the decision of adapting or dying? It is no surprise that generally a crisis makes people/companies review their situation and introduce fundamental changes. Is social computing eventually a winner of the economic crisis or will it (similar to KM) experience death to some extent?

  2. LibraryThing provides a good example of a model that unites the centrally managed info/metadata/organizational elements important for some types of foraging with the emergent elements. Many of the disciplines experimented with during KM projects will be vital to the role/process of pruning, shaping, harvesting, etc the emergent menagerie.

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