Leading by Example: Ada Lovelace Day

5 thoughts on “Leading by Example: Ada Lovelace Day”

    1. Hi Paul! Many thanks for dropping by and for the kind feedback! Glad you enjoyed the blog post! It brought plenty of good memories all along as I was putting it together, since it allowed me to include links to other female role models I admire from the IT world. Just wonderful experience! 🙂

  1. Luis!
    What shall I say!! Whew! Absolutely stunned, humbled and honored to know that I’ve contributed in some way to your work life! 🙂 It may take me a while to start believing that I have added to the experience of a completely enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable person like you! I don’t probably know even half of what you know! :-))
    Anyway, really happy to see your link to my blog and many thanks!

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