On Humanising Titans

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  1. Yay!

    I’m probably not as ardent a tennis fan as you Luis (like most Brits I get excited when Wimbledon comes around, but that’s probably about it) but Rafa Nadal seems to be one of the most exciting things to happen to tennis in a long time; Roger Federer must be so glad to have a serious competitor to play with.

    Last year’s five set Wimbledon final which was eventually won by Rafa was probably the best game I’ve ever seen.

    There weren’t too many tears at the end, though; it seems from your report that there was quite a lot of emotion in the Australian Open final – I’ll make sure I see it.

    As for real men showing emotion, I’m all for it. And maybe if they’re showing it in sport, that most macho of environments, then there is some hope for CEOs and managers in the workplace.

    1. Hi Jemima! Many thanks for the lovely commentary and for sharing your thoughts! Yes, I saw last year’s finals at Wimbledon and they surely were something to remember for many decades to come! That certainly was a clash of titans at the highest level and what they did in Australia this time around wasn’t as spectacular as the Wimbledon finals, but the emotions took over the rest. And we weren’t left out untouched, to be honest! Amazing amount of respect throughout the whole world for both players for sure!

      And like you said, I am all for that change in the corporate world where managers and CEOs show their emotions and live them within the corporate world. I am sure that things would have quite different in the current econolypse. As a starter, I bet the whole situation behind layoffs would be much different. I am certain of that!

      By the way, I read your blog post that you linked to over here and what an amazing write-up! Many thanks for linking up both blog posts! I will be sharing some further insights in there very soon! Many thanks again for the kind feedback and speak to you soon!

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