Communities of Practice: Conversations to Collaboration by Steve Dale

4 thoughts on “Communities of Practice: Conversations to Collaboration by Steve Dale”

  1. Hi Luis,

    thanks for your very kind words (and blog link!). I’m happy to share any resource that will help people get a better understanding of the power and benefits of collaborative working, and particularly if they are just setting out on what may seem a daunting mission to embed this new way of working in their organisation. The good news is that it’s a very enjoyable and rewarding journey, and there’s lots of help and support available if things start to look complicated.

    Thanks again for blogging about this. One day we’ll meet!

    1. Hi Steve! You are most welcome, my friend! I am sure one day we will eventually be meeting up! No doubt! For now though I thought it was the least I could do in helping spread the message around and share with everyone out there the amazing resource you have put together out there for us to enjoy in the space of community building!

      Covering almost every single aspect of it is a real winner and I am sure plenty of folks out there will benefit from it tremendously. And if they would need further help or assistance, then they know where to find you!

      Thanks again for dropping by and for sharing such helpful resource! Appreciated!

  2. Hello Steve,

    Thank you for the insights in your presentation. And thank you for sharing. I am working in the Netherlands and starting up a community platform that is broader than described: evereyone (user, company, organization ) can contribute to specific topics or ideas. I am struggeling with how to get especially consumers enthousiastic and using the platform the first time…So your presentation is very welcome in giving me new ideas! If you have any suggestions, I am open for it.

    1. Hi Chantal,

      there’s no doubt that engagement is the biggest hurdle in nurturing and fostering a CoP. There are some excellent resources avilable in the Facilitators CoP at that might be able to help you or give you some ideas on how to inspire your CoP members. You’ll need to register on the platform first.

      I will be posting a blog shortly on measuring the value of CoPs ay if this is of any interest to you.


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