Web 2.0 Goes to Work for Business

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Goes to Work for Business”

  1. Hello Luis !! Thank you, just on last Friday I gave a lecture on Web 2.0 in business context . In Lappeenranta University of Technology. There I used you, Sacha and Jeremiah as introductory examples, about new ways of working. You are providing good info on this theme and also practicing what you talk about. Thank you fro sharing :-))

    1. Hi Minna! Oh, WOW! Many thanks for the kind comments and for dropping by! Yes, indeed, it is a changing game, one where knowledge workers feel more empowered than ever before and where the corporate world will finally need to give in to being managed by those very same knowledge workers. I look forward to exchanging further insights (Great to see you in Twitter, too!) and show what the future of the workplace would be like! We better get ready. It is here already!

      Thanks again for the feedback, Minna! It is greatly appreciated!

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