A Smart Planet – Why Think?

2 thoughts on “A Smart Planet – Why Think?”

  1. Luis,

    thanks for your comments. It’s a great reminder to not lose sight of the people aspect, and the role collaboration will play in this. The issue of people collaboration is definitely part of it. I just watched the video of Sam Palmisano’s speech. Keep in mind the audience is a group of very senior executives from business and government, so it’s more geared for the leadership angle, but here’s an excerpt I thought you’d like:

    “We need to practice a new form of leadership. Think about these systems, no one owns the systems. Which is part of the complexity of driving the change to make them more effective. So, to make this happen, you need collaboration. Everyone has to come out of their lanes, it’s true for business and for politicians and academic organizations. People have to come together and form these partnerships of collaboration to work together to solve these problems. And yes, they are going to have to move out of their comfort zones.”

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