Web 2.0 Expo In Berlin – Day 3 Highlights

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Expo In Berlin – Day 3 Highlights”

  1. Hola Luis,

    ños que post!

    Yes let’s really hope to have more time to talk next time. Maybe in Gran Canaria?! I go back to Las Palmas every once in a while (no…not just for some carta oro ;)…I have many good friends there because I used to live nearby Mesa y López). Anyway I’ll let you know when I come back in town!

    One little thing. Few days ago I moved my blog and media channel to a new unique URL: http://www.andreavascellari.com
    ( http://www.andreavascellari.com/?p=1219 )

    So in case you want to update the link to Tom’s presentation, here’s the new one: http://www.andreavascellari.com/?p=881

    Have a nice weekend Luis!
    Pasatelo bien!

    Un abrazo,


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