Giving up on Work e-mail – Status Report on Week 36 (Nine Months without E-Mail!)

4 thoughts on “Giving up on Work e-mail – Status Report on Week 36 (Nine Months without E-Mail!)”

  1. Hi Luis, I think that a lot of people experience it as information overload. While introducing social media, that’s a powerful entry point to get people interested. RSS feeds are much more pull than the email push!

  2. Hi Joitske! Thanks for the feedback and for dropping by! Yes, I agree with you that they are probably experiencing it as “Information overload”, more than anything else because they haven’t been taught better (In the past) and it is also just the perfect “excuse” to separate the problem from the individual, when the problem *is* eventually the individual him/herself!

    Introducing key 2.0 aspects like the one you mentioned on RSS and syndication is probably the right way to personalise and humanise that already existing disconnect with technology and fix it in the right way. Amazingly enough, one of the most powerful characteristics of Web 2.0, i.e. syndication, is one of the least used at the moment. Probably an indication of the kind of work that we still need to do to bring forward that awareness!

    Thanks again for the feedback! Re-energising!

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