See the Light – Thinking Outside the Inbox (The Video)

3 thoughts on “See the Light – Thinking Outside the Inbox (The Video)”

  1. Thanks for the video, it was quite interesting and I have to think about the difference between email and “notification email” if it really save me some work or what is the difference between them.
    As far as I agree with the sharing theory I’m not sure that stopping the emails help me with the rest of my work, maybe the benefit of collaboration technologies is in the possibility that someone else will take it before me?

  2. excellent video, Luis. the part i liked the most was that you cannot hide on the social platform. This could bring about a far more transparent way of working, which is also probably why this would also be resisted in a lot of organizations.

    More commendable is the way you have been able to do this … in IBM … considering the part of IBM i know! 🙂

    Cheer,s Atul.

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