Tragic Wednesday

3 thoughts on “Tragic Wednesday”

  1. Hello folks! Thanks much for dropping by and for the kind comments. It surely has been quite a tagedy we have all gone through over the last few hours. Watching the news and listening to people’s testimonies on their loss is quite an experience I would not recommend to anyone, specially those folks who get to travel rather often.

    I know they all say that time heals the wounds. Well, this time around I fear it is going to take much much longer. Too much of a catastrophy that no-one deserved, specially all of those families destroyed. I really really hope that things will get back to some sort of “normal” for them, if there would ever be one. It is not easy having to confront a new life without your loved ones and from here my sincere condolences and support, with prayers and thoughts, for all of the victims and their families. No-one wants to be a witness of such tragedy and I just hope that time starts with the healing soon enough. For everyone.

    Thanks again for the support! It is greatly appreciated!

    Stephen, I know exactly what you mean. I have flown with that company many many times and in similar planes, so somehow I couldn’t stop thinking of the fresh memory of the tragedy that just happened. It could have been anyone of us. A tragedy, indeed.

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