And … the King of Clay Won!

5 thoughts on “And … the King of Clay Won!”

  1. Hi Dvir! Thanks for dropping by! Boy, it surely was one of those matches to remember for the entire history of that wonderful sport that tennis is. I surely missed the final between McEnroe & Borg, was too young to remember, but this one surely has exceeded the expectations of those of us who enjoy some tremendous sport! I just can’t wait for upcoming finals to come through, although somehow I sense they would not be the same. There is just one Wimbledon tournament. For sure!

    Let’s see what happens at the next one! 😀

    PS. Oh, yeah, and now people who were skeptic from his play cannot say any longer that he is not good at any other surface. He has proved it over and over and over again! Happy for him, too!

  2. Yes, Luis, it was incredible. You Spaniards have had a nice few weeks, between Nadal’s few grand slams and the Euro 08. Congrats.

    And don’t forget… is a nice showcase of IBM technology too! So it’s not only interesting for us fans, it’s also related to work!

  3. Hi folks! Thanks for adding further up into the conversation and for dropping by! Adam, you are absolutely right and I think it was about time! We, Spaniards, have been waiting for far too long for these few achievements to come through in the last few weeks! I just hope they last for a little while longer and that we are able to get some more coming up! hehe After all, I still feel they are lifetime experiences and hope to see many more before I am gone from here! hehe

    Oh, yes, I know how IBM has been involved sponsoring the event with some remarkable technologies behind and it is a great privilege and an honour to be able to say that I work for a company that makes keeping up with things in this sport, tennis, a real pleasure! This year was even better than previous years! I enjoyed it quite a bit, and, like I said, something to be very very proud of! For sure!

    Hiya Jen! Yeah, I thought I would drop off over the here the odd off-topic blog post, specially when it has such a significance. I tell you, I have watched plenty of tennis matches, but like that one we saw on Sunday, *never*. At one point I just didn’t care who would win. It was just a matter of enjoying the purest form of such sport as tennis and either one would be a winner to me. Too bad you can only have one, but at least, this time around it is someone I admire ever since he started, very young, to show what it takes to be a champion. Nothing to do with your physical condition. All mental! Loved it! Looking forward to the next final between the two of them! 🙂

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