Next08 – Highlights from Attended Speaker Sessions

2 thoughts on “Next08 – Highlights from Attended Speaker Sessions”

  1. Thanks for putting all this together. Just watched your presentation and also the BT presentation. Really inspiring how you have stopped using email and focused your attention and energies on open and transparent social software products to convey your message.

    Off to watch the 37signals presentation now.

  2. Hi Richard! Thanks much for dropping by and for the kind feedback! Glad you enjoyed both sessions while watching the replays. Good stuff! Yes, I can imagine it has been an inspiration, not only from your part, but also from my own part, since I have learnt plenty over the last few months and it surely would be something that would be worth while spreading the message around, which is what I have been doing all along. And still plenty more to come. Like I said, I have seen the potential, i.e. the light, and there is no way that I am going backwards on this one. Having so much more fun now, too!

    Oh, and yes, you will enjoy the 37signals presentation. It is brilliant for its simplicity, but I do hope Web developers get to watch it to learn what Web design should be all about!

    Keep having fun! 🙂

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