What’s in a Name? – Knowledge Management 0.0 2008 Conference Event

5 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? – Knowledge Management 0.0 2008 Conference Event”

  1. might i suggest the first t-shirt idea, wait for it….

    “kaymmm oh dot oh”

    or some variation. i’ll show you a mockup when i have a chance. have a great weekend.

  2. I like to think that I wrestled reasonably well with what dave calls KM 0.0 in the revision-to-KM-book project I finished in early November.

    I think that what that-which-is-called-is-called-web-2.0 brings to the KM party is the “connectivity” that was long called for but seen as lacking in KM. And it is that connectivity which shines the sunlight on the structural and cultural obstacles to KM in the context of (still) industrial era org structure and management philosophy.

    Combine that with the emergent sociology it engenders / has engendered to date, toss in the encoding of many work processes into IT systems over the past half decade and mix briskly with the layer of easy-to-use PKM tools, services and widgets, and there’s a reasonable chance that the dynamics Dave refers to in the quoted “”KM is simply the art enabling trusted, context-rich conversations among the appropriate members of communities about things these communities are passionate about”? are the evolutionary results of an ongoing greater awareness, familiarity and increased scope of use of IT tools in the process of carrying out interdependent knowledge work.

  3. kAY-mOO!

    Hey, Luis, would you consider doing this in late spring, early summer? The KM4Dev community meeting will be around that time. It might be REALLY cool to bump them up against each other. There is a TON in common in terms of ideas and values, just a different domain (international development)

  4. Happy and Prosperous New Year to you, Luis!

    I quite agree with the title … A kind of back to basics! Something I have been thinking about for some time, since I went around meeting folks across different organizations, and understanding what shape KM is taking there. Would like to hear more about the conference, too!

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