11 Reasons Why I Am Becoming a Mac Fanboy

One thought on “11 Reasons Why I Am Becoming a Mac Fanboy”

  1. I’m looking forward to future posts. I too hopped across to Mac earlier this year, and haven’t looked back. It just works and works well. I still plan to use Parallels to use Ubuntu too (do sometimes using Bootcamp for odd bits) although with the efficiency of the Mac and the excellent apps available, really haven’t needed anything else. Still find it so strange to see on Ebay for example, with some Macs for sale and the reason is that people prefer Windows which is why they are selling…Why do people enjoy the extra time it takes to start up and shut down, and like you say all the crashing too??? Strange!
    Because Mac does work so well, my social networking has been able to leap forward and also my productivity too.

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