Micro-Blogging and The Obvious?

3 thoughts on “Micro-Blogging and The Obvious?”

  1. Luis – I take your point that Twitter comments persist in a way that IM messages may not (but SMS does) however I certainly wasn’t trying to create a hierarchy with longer messages over shorter. It’s just that blogging doesn’t seem like the right description for what goes on with Twitter.

    And you can convey much with little (as some of Euan’s work indicates) but I don’t think people are using Twitter to convey ideas necessarily in the same way that blog posts (can) do. I’m really uncomfortable with the microblogging label because I think that something else is going on here and it doesn’t provide much illumination.

  2. Nice write up Luis.
    I am intrigued to see how you describe Jaiku as a microblogging tool. I experience Jaiku as a presence tool: signalling to my friends where I am, what I do, without me having to pay specific attention to that as it gathers my digital traces automatically. And IF I do have time to pay attention I can enter a hand written message.
    With Twitter it always has to be given attention to use. And therefore for me useless as presence tool.

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