Making the Business Case for Social Computing

12 thoughts on “Making the Business Case for Social Computing”

  1. Hi Luis,

    I really liked the cartoon strip. What I believe is that end of the day, its about the Money! Lets not think its not. Which means that we need to bring up some kind of return on the bucks the management is going to spend.

    THe only thing thats different is that today, we are coming to the understanding that water cooler conferences (or maybe those discussions over a few Beers …), are a very important way to share knowledge, and resolve issues, and a simplistic way of looking at Social Computing could be as an online water cooler (minus the Beer?).

    Cheers, Atul.

  2. Thanks every so much for the feedback comments, folks. Very very helpful and insightful. So much so that I have decided to create a follow up weblog post and share some additional commentary on your initial reactions. Check it out and see what you think. Let’s keep the conversation going 🙂

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