Friendships in the Connected Age: High Quantity AND Higher Quality – It’s All about Trust!

3 thoughts on “Friendships in the Connected Age: High Quantity AND Higher Quality – It’s All about Trust!”

  1. Well, isn’t that frustrating? I’m going thru my own blog,curating dead links, and I’ve found that some of the content I considered worth writing about is gone and seemingly unretrievable. In particular, the links to Stowe Boyd and Anne Truitt Zelenka’s postings are dead, and I con’t locate the original content via search. Grrr.

    Of course, some of the content on MY web site also vanished when I changed from my own server to Google, so I can’t get too self-righteous about this.

    It’s ironic that the posts I’m trying to track down related to trust in the digital age – and I can’t trust the links!

    1. Hi Jerry! Thanks a bunch for the kind feedback comments and for dropping by! Greatly appreciated! Yes, I know how frustrating that can be, specially, when people disappear from this side of the face of the earth, like with Anne, nowhere to be seen, after she published her book on Connect! over 3 years ago or when people decided to move content from one place to another till they find their perfect spot, which is what has happened lately with Stowe Boyd. You can find his blog over here, as well as his Twitter ID as @stoweboyd

      So if you can’t track the right links from him, do reach out to him through Twitter and you would be all right!

      I, too, wish there would be better ways for us to identify those dead links and automatically change them with the new, accurate ones. Wish there would be a different way of doing this, but alas, it looks like it is a rather manual process at the moment … Oh well … Thanks again for reaching out and hope you re-find those links! 🙂

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