Emergency 2.0 and Social Software – Making Enterprise 2.0 Really Matter

One thought on “Emergency 2.0 and Social Software – Making Enterprise 2.0 Really Matter”

  1. Luis:

    Another source to check out is this interview with Ike Pigott of the American Red Cross conducted by Shel Holz:


    I chatted with Ike last week and was struck with the no-nonsense approach he has to this area of applying social media and social networking in emergency situations. I’ve been researching this area recently myself and have been quite impressed with the “pockets” of clever and intelligent applications I’m seeing.

    Yet — at least here in the U.S. — there still seems to be an overall lack of awareness of the need to integrate social media and networking with other more traditional communications techniques. With the LAFD experience you cite, recent employment of social media in the Minneapolis bridge collapse, and the work of people like Pigott, this does appear to be changing.


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