Dramatic Weekend in Gran Canaria

15 thoughts on “Dramatic Weekend in Gran Canaria”

  1. Elsua – think of this. When the fires have died down, the land almost always regenerates and returns different and somehow better. We’ve had the same here in Andalucia.

  2. Hi Dennis, thanks for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Yes, I know what you mean, and you are probably right, but here in the islands it is a completely different story. There are plenty of endemic species, both flora and fauna, that you can only find over here and nowhere else. And that would just be irreplaceable. First estimates indicate that it would take about 10 years to recover the island as it has always been in the past, and to be honest, at this point in time I am not sure we would be able to afford it. I just hope for the best and for some prompt recovery! And the sooner, the better.

  3. Hi Julsko! Thanks much for the support and for sharing your thoughts as well in your blog. This is certainly one of those events that will not pass by un-noticed, and I am surely glad to see how a whole bunch of us are getting the word spread around. Let’s keep doing that and share some more pictures of the kind of impact such event is having in our lives, right as we speak. Thanks again for dropping by and for chiming in!

  4. Hi Catherine! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind words. I tell you, they are very very much appreciated at this point in time and seeing how things are developing. I hope that tonight things will improve and that from tomorrow onwards we will see the end of it, because otherwise I just don’t want to think what is going to happen to many of the places I love from this island. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  5. Hola Luis, Espero que la situación se controle en seguida.

    No he tenido la oportunidad de visitar las islas todavía, pero es una lastima que si tengo la posibilidad de ir en el futuro, el impacto de los incendios sea un recuerdo de mi visita.

    Un saludo.

  6. Hola Simon, gracias por los comentarios y por los buenos deseos. ¡Se agradecen! Yo también espero que la situación se controle cuanto antes porque el daño hecho hasta ahora es irreparable. Tardarán años en volver las cosas a estar como estaban, y probablemente nunca llegue a occurir.

    Espero que algún día puedas venir por aquí por lo menos para contarte lo que había sido el paraíso y como poco a poco ha sido destruido por tal infortunio. Por lo menos todavía nos quedan las historias de lo que fue y siempre será. Y el resto a seguir adelante e intentar que la solución llegue pronto y podamos disfrutar otra vez de una isla que es lo que es: el paraíso.

    Gracias de nuevo por los comentarios y espero que nos podamos ver pronto. ¡Un saludo!

  7. Have only just found out the terrible news. My daughter and I visted Gran Canaria in march and loved the place annd we went to Palmitos and thought it was fab – we are devastated. Our thoughts are with the islanders and hope the situation is soon ended. xx

  8. Hi Louisa, thanks very much for dropping by and for your kind feedback! Welcome to elsua! We really appreciate your warm wishes and kind words and we do hope that things would go back to normal soon! Palmitos Park is, indeed, one of those emblematic places from Gran Canaria that you cannot miss just like that, so we are all hoping that it would be up and running soon! It would be too bad not to have it again.

    Appreciated the sympathy and warm comments shared and we hope to see you guys over here soon! All the best!

  9. Hi Luis!
    I am really shocked about the big fires. I have read this and the following articles with much interest. Also the press in Germany is publishing a lot about the disaster.
    I really hope the country will recover soon.
    Best wishes,

  10. Hi Mareike! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the lovely comments. They are greatly appreciated! Yes, indeed, earlier on today I published another weblog post where I mentioned some of what the international press was saying about the tragic set of events and the coverage has been impressive! No wonder, I would say, though, seeing how many millions of people get to visit the islands on a regular basis and throughout the entire year!

    I am sure things would recover pretty soon, relatively. Probably not rather quick, but slowly and steadily. First estimates were saying about 10 years, but I do seriously hope that it would be a lot sooner than that! I bet it would. Mother nature is very wise in these matters. I wish I would be able to say the same about ourselves…

    Either way, Mareike, thanks again for dropping by and for the feedback and will speak to you soon!

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